College Binge Drinking

Ball State University, Indiana University, Purdue University, what do these schools have in common?  They have all had a student die in the past year from binge drinking.  Is this problem worsening amidst campuses and what can be done to stop this epidemic?  Here to discuss this issue are Ball State University students Amanda Worrick and Makayla Jobe.  Amanda graduated in 2001 from BSU and is a returning student offering 30-something views, while Makayla is a traditional student with a younger viewpoint.

Amanda:  I am proud to attend and work at Ball State University, so it saddens me when I see headlines on the national news of a Elijah Swagger, a BSU student found dead at an off-campus apartment after a night of binge drinking.  This is not the kind of attention we want drawn to the university.  After reading the article on The Daily News website you might wonder why no one picked up on any warning signs that this young man needed help.  However not all these tragic stories stem from a drinking problem.

Binge drinking is defined as drinking five or more drinks in one hour for men or four or more drinks in an hour for women with the sole intention of becoming intoxicated.

Rachel Fiege and her mother, not only did she lose her daughter, she also lost her best friend.

Rachel Fiege and her mother, not only did she lose her daughter, she also lost her best friend.

Every parents worst nightmare after sending their child off to college would be getting a phone call that your child is in the hospital and unresponsive.  That is exactly what happened to Rachel Fiege’s mother.  Rachel was an Indiana University freshman who died from injuries sustained after she fell down the stairs at a friend’s home on campus where she had been binge drinking.  Her mother had just gotten her moved in days prior, her brother who also attends IU had taken her the day before to see where her classes would be held.  Rachel was attending her very first college party never dreaming it would also be her last.  Her mother’s quote says it best, “This could happen to anyone.”  This should be a red flag to all those out there that think they are invincible. Continue reading